The Sustainable Profits In
6 Weeks  Challenge


A Message from Luke Fernandez, Principal, Practice Capital:

Let me ask you a question?


What if we could show you a novel but potent business strategy that could transform your business, simply and effectively, so that, once-and-for-all, you could promote yourself as an authentically sustainable brand and in doing so:

1. Improve your brand value proposition,

2. Increase staff engagement and productivity,

3. Make you more attractive to your customer base and significantly improve sales volumes,

4. Increase your cost savings, resilience and innovation,

5.Make your brand more appealing to the best of new recruits,

6. Give you the best chance of surviving the turbulent economic conditions in the next decade,

7. And all the while, contributing to the world's ability to minimise the affects of climate change, and our ecological and environmental impacts.


Would you be interested to learn more?


This is not smoke and mirrors..... This is about embracing Business Sustainability Management Practices in a program, developed by University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) alumni network members, that will take you from zero to sustainability hero in six short weeks.

The Opportunity

We're looking for 10 founding members in the next 5 days, to take on our Sustainable Profits in 6 Weeks Challenge (Sep 20 to Oct 29) and provide feedback as we run through the 6 week challenge, for the first time, incorporating all the learning already being rolled out to the corporate sector, at a fraction of the investment.

The Sustainable Profits in 6 Weeks Challenge:

Outcomes of the Sustainable profits in 6 Weeks Challenge

Transitions your business towards sustainable profits as an authentically sustainable brand by:
- reviewing your business model and risk profile.
- embedding an ESG reporting framework in your business.
- calculating your emissions and carbon footprint .
- identifying and reducing your waste, costs and energy spend (potentially saving thousands). 
- setting you on a net zero pathway via an offset and reduction strategy (potentially saving hundreds of tonnes of CO2e).
- reviewing your marketing, addressing sustainable marketing principles (potentially increasing your client volumes).
- providing you with the right to use Carbon Neutral logo in your marketing (conditions apply).
- reviewing your team performance and applying best practice to achieve productivity improvements as you commit to sustainability leadership.

Q: How much would do you expect to pay for these services?
Businesses are currently paying $2-5K per month for our consultants to embed business sustainability management practices in their businesses. You can be a part of The Sustainable Profits in 6 Weeks Challenge, unlocking all the benefits corporate clients are achieving, for $297. That is less than $50 per week. (Our research suggests this will be 3x this price, due to the value we can demonstrate, when the full program is launched later this year - this fee is really for your commitment).
And, if you are not convinced we have put your business ahead by at least that number (in cost savings/energy reduction or real client volumes), we'll provide a 100% money back guarantee, just as long as you do the work - no questions asked*. Of course, the program stands for so much more!


What You Get


The Sustainable Profits in Six Weeks Challenge (2-3, 30 min videos and exercises each week where you will pivot your business towards sustainability and sustainable profits).

Bonus #1 Weekly Group Zoom Calls (tutorial format, highly interactive, to troubleshoot and get feedback).

Bonus #2 Energy Efficiency Made Easy cheat sheet (a reckoner showing you how to keep your energy bill as low as possible - this alone could save thousands!).

Bonus #3 Sustainable Profits Facebook Group (the group is highly important as sustainability is complex and sharing your journey is extremely useful to achieve best results for the group).

Bonus #4 Sustainable Profits App access valued at $57 per month (1 year from launch - the app is production as we speak - but when launched, later this year, will be an educational repository of best practice on team performance, energy efficiency, sustainability leadership development, and business sustainability management).

Bonus #5 Monthly coaching calls (2 individual sessions with our highly experienced consultants valued at $360 to strategise and troubleshoot any issues you have in your business regarding sustainability, marketing, business model or otherwise).


"The Sustainable Profits Program has given us a viable strategy to compete more effectively in our market and already have a run of new business."

~ Simon Bignell,
Director, CB Direct

"The Sustainable Profits Program has given us a viable strategy to compete more effectively in our market and already, we have a run of new business."

~ Simon Bignell,
Director, CB Direct

"This is the only program out there that deals with the bigger picture, while making your business stronger. We were considering the green alternative but never thought this would be so important for us, for our staff and our customers."

~  Thomas Kris Danilkin,
Managing Director, Optimus Gaming

"Majorities in most surveyed countries say global climate change is a major threat to their nation. In fact, it’s seen as the top threat in 13 of 26 surveyed countries, more than any other issue the survey asked about."

~ Pew Research 2018,

"In the current market, about 79% of consumers are changing their purchase preferences based on sustainability. " 

~ Consumer Products and Retail Report – How sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences, 2020.

"83% of 18-34 year olds are concerned about climate change",

~ The Australia Institute 2019

A 2018 study released by HP and Planet Ark has revealed that consumers are willing to spend more money if a brand is environmentally sustainable. According to the study, over 90% of Australians have a concern about the environment and sustainability.

A Nielsen study (2018) on sustainability revealed that 81% of global respondents felt strongly that companies should help improve the environment.

"Four out of five businesses want to meet common industry standards for sustainability and one quarter are altering their supply chains to be more environmentally responsible."


Screenshot 2021-06-08 224015.png

The Market is changing...

But the curious thing is, now, it is not just about doing the right thing...

  • because there is a new green economy in rapid growth,

  • because your competitors are not taking sustainability seriously,  


... businesses can now become more profitable by becoming more sustainable. It's called a first mover advantage... in 2-3 years when everyone is scrambling to embed sustainability in their business - it will be too late.

'Sustainable profits' simply means taking care of your business model to adapt to the new economy, as it develops; 

-AND- making your business accountable for the impact it has on the environment and society at large.  We use best practice methodologies as advocated by the University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL).   

Doing both, transitions your business towards a sustainable business and brand, which in this economy, is highly marketable.

Who Is This For?

We are business sustainability consultants working in the professional services sector in Australia. We intend to work more broadly with small businesses that don't want to spend thousands on consultants but accept the market is changing and want to access the latest methodologies (as advanced by CISL) and for the cost of a dinner for two, embed sustainability leadership in their business and achieve ALL the associated benefits*.
But let's face it, at this stage, only a small amount of businesses will have the necessary drive to differentiate on sustainability leadership - however, this means you can be a FIRST MOVER and a leader in your space over the next decade, in the most disruptive period in human history.  

We are working with businesses:
- that want results,
- that want to strengthen their business model and uncover cost-savings,
- that want a new brand image to differentiate themselves from their competitors in this market and increase market share,
- that want to attract the best of new recruits and
- that want a different culture, one that is life affirming, more engaged, innovative and celebrated because they are now purpose-driven. 
- that want to make a real difference and be part of the solution.

Secure your place below, and should we be the right fit, you will be part of a program that is a game changer for your business and for the world.






* Terms
We will work with you to establish a context for embedding sustainability in your business. The full extent of results can only be anticipated by the size, nature of a business and based on your commitment to the process. Our efforts will be outcome driven, and provide you will all skills and knowledge required to embed sustainability in your business on first principles, within the terms of the Sustainable Profits Program. Please note/ what we don't do is 'green-washing', where we gimmick-market your business to increase sales volume. We use University of Cambridge Institute of Sustainability Leadership (CISL) methodologies to embed best practice in your business. Embedding sustainability leadership requires a real commitment from leaders to make a difference and be part of the solution, but upon such a commitment, high-performing, purpose driven cultures can transform the productivity and profitability of an organisation. We will absolutely provide a money back guarantee if this does not put your business ahead by at least $397 - but you must have done the work and given the program at least 3 months to drive results (metrics will not be able to be collected in a lesser time-frame) Note - All prices are referenced in USD.   



When I first started this journey over two years ago, I thought sustainability was about saving the planet. I thought it was about doing the right thing, esp in regard to our future generations that, if we left it at business as usual, will be in dire straights. But the reality is, sustainability is about building better businesses and systems.    


At its heart, sustainability is about ongoing systems, be it natural, social, financial or any other. Things that last the test of time. Sustainable Profits is about ongoing profits. And if we want profits from our business to endure over the next decade and beyond, we cannot have our business or our economy, or society or the natural environment collapsing - it is that fundamental. 


Sustainable profits is firstly about your business and making sure it ticks over like the finely tuned machine it needs to be, given the entire world has changed and everything in our economy is reinventing itself. Secondly, it's about being accountable to the reality we face, as a society, and running a brand that is authentically sustainable.


The Sustainable Profits In 6 Weeks Challenge is about flicking the switch, and giving you the best chance at making your profits sustainable over the most disruptive period in human history, ahead. And brace yourself.  

We Have Some Real Problems Ahead 

Look, let me cut to the chase. We live in exponential times, where the pace of change is rampant, to say the least. Technology is disrupting every industry and things are moving so quickly - everything we know is changing so fast, it's hard to keep up. And we're in the middle of a global pandemic. And we have another epidemic on our hands - a plastic epidemic. And we’re losing our forests at a rate of knots. And agriculture is becoming unsustainable. And species are dying, and I know you know we’re in what’s called the sixth mass extinction event. And then, the climate is changing, climate that has been stable over 10,000 years (to less than a degree): record fires, droughts, floods, cold snaps, we all know about it (we're moving past 1.5 degrees to 2 degrees and beyond).


What's going to play out at the mid-end of this century is staggering, if you listen to the science. If you look around, eyes wide open. And the scariest thing is….  it's science that’s telling us all of this. The same exacting science that fixes you when you’re in hospital and gets your GPS to function and puts men in outer space. It’s maddening, if you think enough about it.

This is not theory... it's not exaggeration.. we’re chronicling this stuff.... yes, in real time .... and it doesn’t even make the news. We have catastrophic change on our hands and so few businesses are doing anything of significance about it. Most of the world is still trapped in 'business as usual'. But the time has come for us to act.... one thing we do know is that we are the most ingenious species that has ever walked the face of this planet and when we stand up and do the right things, when we gather together behind a cause, incredible things can happen. When the small business community get on board with this... that's half the battle won.

Get onboard ... join the revolution.

Submit your application to be a founding member of the

Sustainable Profits in 6 Weeks Challenge,

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